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Lead4Pass 1Z0-518 Exam Dumps

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[Lead4Pass] Free 1Z0-518 Study Guide Real Exam Questions and Answers 

Question 1:

Identify the two benefits of using Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose two.)

A. View asset Information across multiple asset books.

B. Restrict access to users based on their Organization assignments.

C. Submit and view data across different Ledgers using a single responsibility.

D. Enter Payables invoices for different Operating Units using a single responsibility.

E. View Consolidated requisitions across Operating Units using a single responsibility.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 2:

Which two statements are true regarding the partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two.)

A. General Ledger is partitioned by Ledgers.

B. Accounts Payable is partitioned by Ledgers.

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by Operating Unit.

D. Accounts Receivable is partitioned by Operating Unit.

E. Order Management is partitioned by Inventory Organization.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 3:

ABC Corp. has determined its Accounting Key Flexfield structure for the Implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. The Accounting Key Flexfield structure contains five Segments: Company, Business Unit, Department, Account, and Product.

They have the following requirements:

1) The Department values should be based on the Business Units.

2) They want to produce a quarterly Balance Sheet for each Company.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. The Product Value Set is dependent on the Accounts.

B. The Business Unit Value Set is defined as Independent.

C. The Account Segment has a Value Set with no Validation.

D. The Company Segment is qualified as the Balancing Segment.

E. The Department Segment Is qualified as an Intercompany Segment.

F. Cross-validation rules are required to enforce the dependency of Departments on the Business Units.

Correct Answer: BDF

Question 4:

Identify four tasks that you can perform using Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, (choose four}

A. Automata business processes,

B. Generate account code combinations,

C. Approve standard business documents,

D. Send notifications using Advanced Queuing,

E. Generate Inventory item numbers using item generator workflow,

F. Integrate with third-party business systems that are not on a company network.

Correct Answer: ABDF

Question 5:

Identify two correct statements related to Key Performance Indicators and the KPI region in Daily Business Intelligence. (Choose two.)

A. can be of table format only

B. can be configured for each dashboard

C. organizes data into reporting hierarchies

D. is a strategic business factor that is used for reporting

E. contains a unique set of graphical information on a dashboard

Correct Answer: BD

Question 6:

The organization that Receivables uses to validate items is set up using______.

A. the AR: Items Flexfield Mode profile option

B. the AR: Allow Manual Invoice Lines profile option

C. the AR: Item Validation Organization profile option

D. item validation organization In the OM Parameters window

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

Ten analysts are assigned the same Receivables responsibility and are given their own logins. The requirement is to restrict three of the analysts from creating chargebacks or adjustments.

What would be your advice to ensure compliance with this internal control?

A. Use forms personalization to restrict function access.

B. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to no at the responsibility level.

C. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to no at the user level for the three analysts.

D. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to yes at the user level for the three analysts.

E. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to yes at the application level for the three analysts.

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Several fields are required during manual Invoice entry. Which are the fields required at the header level?

A. date, customer, source, type, GL date, legal entity

B. date, legal entity, bill-to, source, type, class, remit-to

C. terms, date, bill-to, source, legal entity, type, remit-to

D. date, customer, source, type, General Ledger (GL) date, class

E. date, source, class, type, GL date, legal entity, bill-to, terms, remit-to

Correct Answer: E

Question 9:

Select three statements that apply to IReceivables. (Choose three.)

A. It Is a Web-based self-service application.

B. It can be used to verify the status of Invoices and receipts.

C. It is geared towards call centers, as well as credit and collections departments.

D. It can be used to initiate the Oracle Approvals Management (AME) credit memo request workflow.

Correct Answer: ABD

Question 10:

The client entered a miscellaneous receipt by mistake; it was posted to General Ledger. Now the miscellaneous receipt needs to be reversed.

Which method would you advise the client to use?

A. Carry out a standard reversal of the miscellaneous receipt.

B. Carry out a debit memo reversal of the miscellaneous receipt.

C. Create a receivable activity adjustment for the reversal of the miscellaneous receipt.

D. Create an adjustment in receivables for the reversal of the effect of the miscellaneous receipt.

E. Create a journal entry in General Ledger to reverse the accounting impact created by the posting of the miscellaneous receipt.

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

After registering new data sources, you must complete your Bill Presentment Architecture by creating database views.

How many database views can you create for each data source?

A. one

B. nine

C. three

D. unlimited

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

You are setting up Receivable Accounting Events in Subledger Accounting. Identify Event Entity.

A. Invoices

B. deposits

C. guarantees

D. transactions

E. chargebacks

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

You have just opened the Transactions form. Which field would you see on this form?

A. company

B. legal entity

C. cost center

D. operating unit

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

Which two statements are true about invoicing rules and accounting rules? (Choose two.)

A. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is optional.

B. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is not allowed.

C. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is also required.

D. Invoicing rules and accounting rules have no effect until Invoices are paid.

E. Invoicing rules and accounting rules have no effect unless you choose the accrual method of accounting.

F. Invoicing rules determine when invoices are due. Accounting rules affect how invoices me accounted for

Correct Answer: CE

Question 15:

Your functional end users are perplexed by the contents of the AutoInvoice Execution report. They needed expert guidance and cause to you. You look at the report and see that the Interface Lines section of the report shows the following:

Selected: 9 Successfully Processed: 8 Failed Validation: 0

What is the likely reason for this?

A. An adjustment update of an old Invoice Is Included In this batch.

B. General Ledger (GL) code combination 10 failed the cross-validation rules.

C. A debit memo for an Invoice and the Invoice itself were submitted In the same batch tr\6 the debit memo Is selected first.

D. A credit memo for an Invoice and the invoice Itself are submitted In the same batch and the credit memo Is selected first.

E. The GL code combination segment value for the cost center was valid in the prior calendar month but is end-dated a day earlier.

Correct Answer: D


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