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Updated Oracle 1Z0-1093-22 Dumps

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Lead4Pass 1Z0-1093-22 Dumps Share Free Exam Questions

Question 1:

Which two circumstances are FALSE when you use the Console to recover a DB system database from a backup stored in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage? (Choose all correct answers)

A. The pp system has no access to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service location where the backup is stored.

B. You want to restore to an existing System Change Number (SCN).

C. Data Guard must be disabled, or you must first remove the Data Guard association by terminating the standby database before you can restore the database.

D. Restore the database from an unmanaged backup in Object Storage created directly by using RMAN.

E. Restore the database from a backup in Object Storage that was created by using the Console or the API.


Correct Answer: AD

Question 2:


What can you use to enable an on-premises Enterprise Manager instance to monitor Exadata Cloud Service in a private OCI subnet?

A. virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

B. Client subnet

C. Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC)

D. FastConnect


Correct Answer: D

Question 3:


Do you enable automatic backups on your Exadata Cloud@Customer.?

A. database archivelog files

B. database control files

C. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) key store (wallet)

D. server parameter file (SP file)


Correct Answer: C

Question 4:


Which two statements are true about changing the shape of a virtual machine (VM) database (DB) system to adapt to changes in performance needs?

(Choose all correct answers)

A. After you provision a VM DB system with a shape that supports Oracle RAC, you can change that shape to another shape that does not support Oracle RAC.

B. After you provision a VM DB system, you cannot change the shape. You have to provision another VM DB system using a full backup.

C. The shape of a VM DB system can be changed at any time, with no impact on the amount of storage available to the DB system.

D. It is possible to change the shape of a VM DB system with a higher number of OCPUs. However, reducing the number of OCPUs is not permitted.

E. If the current shape of the VM DB system supports Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), then you can only change that shape to another shape that also supports Oracle RAC.


Correct Answer: AC


Question 5:


How many DB systems must you provision before you can enable Oracle Data Guard for a virtual machine DB system database?

A. It depends on how many standby databases you want for your primary database in the Oracle Data Guard configuration in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

B. Three, first for the primary database, second for the standby database, and a third for the staging database in the Oracle Data Guard configuration.

C. Two for both the primary and standby database, because a DB system with the database that you want to use as the standby must already exist before you enable Oracle Data Guard.

D. One with the primary database, because a new DB system with the standby database is created and associated with the primary database when you enable Oracle Data Guard.


Correct Answer: D

Question 6:


You are considering whether or not to implement bare metal or virtual machine shapes. Which TWO statements are true about bare metal and virtual machine (VM) database (DB) systems? (Choose all correct answers)

A. Both bare metal and vm DB systems support two-node Real Application Clusters (RAC) systems.

B. The Console, API, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI are options for managing bare metal DB systems.

C. Bare metal shapes determine the total raw storage allocated to bare metal DB systems.

D. Bare metal and VM DB can only have a single Database Home, and the single database will be the version of the Database Home.


Correct Answer: BC

Question 7:


The /u02 directory containing Oracle Homes (OH) is 80% utilized and you need to free up space in it. you own two Oracle Homes (OH193_A and OH193_B), each with a test database (193A and 193B respectively). You decide to consolidate both databases into a single Oracle Home (OH193. |_A) to free up space. Which TWO actions must you perform? (Choose all correct answers)

A. use the Move Database option from the console.

B. Schedule a downtime window with the Test teams who use the 193B database.

C. Copy the spinet.ora file from OH193_B to OH193_A.

D. Create a new container under 0H193B and migrate the pluggable databases (PDBs) from 193B to 193A.


Correct Answer: AB

Question 8:


You are asked to measure useful quantitative data about a MySQL Database Service system. You must provide information such as current connection information, statement activity, latency, and host OCPU, memory, and disk I/O utilization. Which THREE Oracle Cloud Infrastructure monitoring methods should you use? (Choose all correct answers)

A. data points

B. metrics

C. notifications

D. alarms

E. queries


Correct Answer: BCD

Question 9:


Which TWO statements are true when deciding which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region to register an Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure in? (Choose all correct answers)

A. Exadata Cloud@Customer is hosted in a customer data center so the Exadata infrastructure is not registered in an OCI region.

B. Consider any business policies or regulations that preclude the use of a particular region.

C. Consider the physical proximity of the region you register the infrastructure into your data center.

D. The Exadata Cloud@Customerregion can be changed after the infrastructure is created.

E. Consider which availability domain (within the region) to create the Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure in.


Correct Answer: AB

Question 10:


Which system configuration is offered by the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service?

A. Each system configuration starts with a fixed amount of memory and storage resources.

B. Each system configuration starts with a fixed amount of CPU and storage resources.

C. Each system configuration starts with a fixed amount of CPU, memory, storage, and network resources.

D. Each system configuration starts with a fixed amount of CPU, memory, and network resources.


Correct Answer: C

Question 11:


Resources are allocated to the DB system based on the shape selected. Which TWO are options for a DB system? (Choose all correct answers)

A. Two-node bare metal servers with 512 GB memory and locally attached drives

B. Two-node virtual machine X7 with Block Storage which can be scaled up

C. One-node bare metal server with up to 52 CPU cores and locally attached drives to the system

D. One-node virtual machine XS with 24 OCPU cores


Correct Answer: BC

Question 12:


You have been brought in to help a company with slow nightly batch processing running on their Exadata Cloud Service. You have determined the workload is CPU-bound during the batch window. Which command line tool can be used to script increase or decrease OCPUs?

A. once cli

B. ocpucli

C. exactly

D. small


Correct Answer: A

Question 13:


Which THREE Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services can be used to connect to- premises networks? (Choose all correct answers)

A. Internet Gateway

B. Fast connect

C. Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG)

D. Service Gateway



Correct Answer: BCE

Question 14:


You want to move an Exadata Cloud@Customer VM cluster to a different OCI compartment for increased isolation from other teams that use Exadata. What happens when you use the console to do this?

A. The VM cluster and associated databases will move to the new compartment. All other resources will remain in the existing compartment.

B. After it is deployed, a VM cluster cannot change compartments.

C. The vm cluster, compute nodes, and associated databases will move compartments. All other resources will remain in the existing compartment.

D. The vM cluster, compute nodes, and underlying Exadata infrastructure will move to the new compartment. All other resources remain the same.


Correct Answer: C

Question 15:


Which three statements are true regarding MySQL Database Service HeatWave? (Choose all correct answers)

HeatWave uses periodic long-running ETL batch jobs to refresh the data.

A. Heatwave is an in-memory,query-processing engine designed for the fast execution of analytic queries.

B. Heatwave is Exclusively available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

C. Heatwave uses machine learning to automate operations, increasing DBA productivity and reducing costs.

D. HeatWave data which is needed for analytic processing is stored in disk files.


Correct Answer: AC


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