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Updated Oracle 1Z0-1045-22 Dumps

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Free Sharing Updated 1Z0-1045-22 Exam Questions – Lead4Pass 1Z0-1045-22 Dumps

Question 1:

Your company is looking for a simplified method for managing a group of reports. Identify the type of report used in WMS Cloud that compiles multiple existing reports into a single document while executing each report in a single order.

A. CrossTab Report

B. Express Report

C. Linked Report

D. Chained Report

E. Standard Report


Correct Answer: D

Question 2:


Your customer wants to receive an IB shipment and capture pallet weight at the time of receiving. Which parameter must be set in the Receiving RF screen to meet this requirement?

A. Set Capture-catch-weight as “Prompt for catch wt”.

B. Set Mode as Blind-ASN Receiving.

C. Set rch-sku-not-on-shmnt to “Prompt for catch wt”.

D. Set Single-Sku-management as Assume Single SKU.

E. Set Blind-License Plate Number-receive-mode as by SKU scan.


Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/owm70/owmcs_gs-cloud/OWMRN/OWMRN.pdf

Question 3:


Your customer wants to store the inventory in Active and Reserve locations after receiving it. Inventory is

received in cases pack quantity and assigned to an IBLPN. Inventory is categorized into Bin Shelves and

Bulk flow items and the item’s dimensions are available in WMS Cloud.

Which three putaway configurations are required to meet this? (Choose three.)

A. Locations Size type and Item Putaway item should be configured prior to Putaway

B. Putaway rule overrides Putaway priority and selects the location based on the item dimension

C. Putaway rule will act according to the Priority defined.

D. This is not supported in WMS Cloud.

E. Selection Criteria will evaluate and apply the Putaway priority.

F. Putaway priority will drive the location selection.


Correct Answer: AEF


Question 4:


You have hired a new employee to do picking in the warehouse. The employee complains that he/she cannot work because the RF Picking transactions are not displayed as one of the RF options. Which two scenarios will cause the transaction to be missing as an RF option in the user\’s menu? (Choose two.)

A. The RF Picking transaction is not associated with her/his group\’s assigned RF Menu.

B. The employee\’s Group has a blank RF Menu.

C. The employee is assigned to the “Supervisor” group.

D. The employee\’s email is not set up in his/her user profile.

E. The employee has forgotten his/her password.


Correct Answer: AB

Question 5:


You are creating a standard report for a client to display LPN Numbers (for multi-SKU LPNs) and their associated items. The two data fields you have in your report are LPN Number and Item Code. Identify what controls need to be set to create a sub-total for the number of items for each LPN.

A. Set the Summary Function for the item to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for LPN.

B. Set the Summary Function for the item to “Total” and check the Group By box for LPN.

C. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for Item.

D. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Total” and check the Group By box for the item.


Correct Answer: A

Question 6:


Which five combinations of lot and expiry date are valid scenarios in WMS Cloud? (Choose five.)

A. Two IB LPNs of the same item have different lots and the same expiry dates.

B. Two IB LPNs of the same item have the same lot and the same expiry date.

C. The IB LPNs have an item with the same lot and different expiry dates.

D. An item is lot-tracked but not expiry-date-tracked.

E. An item is expiry-date-tracked but not lot-tracked.

F. Two IB LPNs of the same item have different lots and different expiry dates.


Correct Answer: BCDEF


Question 7:


In which two ways can you execute the detail cycle count of LPN Detail by SKU scan? (Choose two.)

A. using “Cycle Cnt” screen with screen parameter content-count set to “SKU -scan”

B. using “Cycle count for LPN deferred/immediate updates” with screen parameter SKU scan mode set to “By Sku Scan”

C. using the “Resv Nbr Cnt” screen and with screen parameter content-count set to “SKU -scan”

D. using “Cycle Cnt” screen with screen parameter content-count set to “Null”


Correct Answer: BD

Question 8:


Your customer is a Third Party Logistics operator (3PL) and ships multiple customer\’s orders from two centralized facilities, one on each coast of the country. How do you set up the Facility, Company, and User hierarchy in the system (in sequential order)?

A. Because of the distance between Facilities, you recommend two WMS Cloud instances for your customer.

B. Create the 3PL\’s customer\’s Companies first, then the Users, next assign customers and Users to the Facilities, and finally create an Admin account for the 3PL in each facility.

C. Create the Parent 3PL Company, then the Facilities, next the Companies, and next re-create each User in each facility he or she is eligible for work.

D. Create the Parent 3PL Company, then nested Locations Zones to represent the facilities and the customer Companies and finally add the Users.

E. Create the Parent Company as the 3PL, then the two facilities, next the Users in the facilities, and the Companies that represent the customers, and the users to the companies.


Correct Answer: E


Question 9:


The following configuration is set for the Advance Shipment Notification type: 10% Under Receipt Warning, 10% Over Receipt Warning, and 20% Over Receipt error. Which two statements match the condition set if the ASN Qty is 100? (Choose two.)

A. When the Operator receives 125 units, the RF screen displays an Over Receipt warning message.

B. When the Operator receives 101, the RF screen displays an Over receipt warning message.

C. When the Operator receives 110, the RF screen displays an Over Receipt warning message.

D. When the Operator receives 89, the RF screen displays an Under Receipt warning message.

E. When the Operator receives 130 units, the RF screen displays an Over Receipt error message.


Correct Answer: CE

Question 10:


You are performing the Split IB LPNs RF transaction and seeing an error message: Shipment Verification

status mismatch.

Which three are valid? (Choose three.)

A. The from-IBLPN and the to-IBLPN might be received against two different ASNs respectively.

B. This error message will disappear if the RF screen parameter required-validations is set up as No Validation.

C. This error message will disappear if the RF screen parameter split-uom is left bank.

D. If the to-IBLPN is received via the Recv Shipment RF transaction, the from-IBLPN might be from the Create RF transaction.

E. The from-IBLPN and the to-IBLPN might be received against the same ASN.


Correct Answer: BCE


Question 11:


Identify the export type that is not supported in an Express Report.



C. PowerPoint

D. Excel



Correct Answer: C

Question 12:


You are using the WMS Cloud at the Stores as well as the DC. Your workflow at that Store requires that you quickly pick up orders for the customer when they arrive. Which configuration allows you to achieve this workflow requirement?

A. Create an Order Type with the flag “Allocate during Pick” enabled so that you can pick chargesat the store without waving.

B. Set the Order Type to “Pick Without Wave”. This allows the RF options to automatically pick up those orders and display them to pickers.

C. Create a Flow-Through process and configure each customer\’s address as a “Designation Location”

D. Change the Order Type to “Rush” and wave it because the customer is waiting.

E. Create a wave template with Wave Template Type “Store”, then the wave will allocate orders in a FiFO sequence.


Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/owm70/owmcs_gs-cloud/OWMRN/OWMRN.pdf

Question 13:


As an Inventory Super User, you are configuring LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet fields at Item Details


Which statement is true about LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet?

A. LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet are used to define a number of Ob LPN per tier during shipping.

B. LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet are used to define a number of IB LPN per tier during receiving.

C. LPNs per tier and Tier per Pallet are used to define the standard number of LPNs acceptable per pallet during receiving.

D. LPNs per tier and Tiers per pallet are used to define the standard number of case and pack for an Item during receiving.


Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://learn.oracle.com/ords/launchpad/learn?page=item-masterandcontext=0:44189:44200

Question 14:


Which three configurations are required to sort the SKU A and B while receiving? (Choose three.)

A. An IB Shipment Type should be created to receive Purchase Order with sort SKUs.

B. Use Custom Field in Vendor UI to map the item that needs to be sorted.

C. Break Rule with Criteria needs to be set for the Sorting Rule.

D. Receive Station Location for Sorting should be created and mapped with the Sorting Rule.

E. Putaway Type should be configured for the SKU.

F. The Locations Size type should be defined for each Receive Station Location.


Correct Answer: ABE

Question 15:


You are configuring the WMS Cloud to have multiple facilities and, as an added measure of control, you

want to easily identify the facility by looking at the barcode printed on the outbound carton.

Identify two valid configurations that are available in the Sequence Counter UI that you can use for the

OBLPN. (Choose two.)

A. You can set up the count increment in Facility 1 to increase by 1, the count increment in Facility 2 to increment by 2, and so on.

B. You can set up the sequence counter OBLPN to “Append Facility Code to Prefix”.

C. You can specify different counts for the different facilitates within the Sequence Counter.

D. You can configure the sequence length for this facility to be different from the other facilities.

E. You can specify the “Color Code” in the Sequence Counter.


Correct Answer: BC



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