Updated Lead4Pass 1Z0-1081-22 Dumps Latest Version With 1Z0-1081-22 Free Exam Questions 2023-02

Updated Oracle 1Z0-1081-22 Dumps

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Question 1:

Which three fields must be defined when registering a file-based source system in Data Management? (Choose three.)

A. Source Type

B. Drill URL

C. Cloud Type

D. Description

E. Name


Correct Answer: ADE

Question 2:


You are required to define a form that displays all form data for only specific View dimension members and

not allow users to change this.

Where on the form do you define the View dimension and select the correct member?

A. a column

B. Other Options section

C. the Page Axis

D. the Point of View


Correct Answer: D

Question 3:


Which dimension includes the FCCS_Global Assumption member that is used to store currency information?

A. Account

B. From Currency

C. Entity

D. Currency


Correct Answer: B

Question 4:


What is the primary function of enabling the Track Intercompany Elimination option during the application creation?

A. enables the Elimination of member in the Consolidation dimension

B. process will separate total elimination values by Data Source.

C. enables the application to include Intercompany data.

D. enables the application to perform Intercompany eliminations


Correct Answer: B

Question 5:


Which is NOT a member of the Data Source Dimension created by Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS)?

A. FCCS_No Data Source

B. FCCS_Data Input

C. FCCS_SystemTypes

D. FCCS_Proportion


Correct Answer: D

Question 6:


What will Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) do when adding a new member that is an expense-type account under a parent that is set as an income-type account?

A. this setting will not affect additions or subtractions to the next parent

B. subtract amounts consolidated to the parent

C. add amounts consolidated to the parent

D. you can\’t load data to this account


Correct Answer: B

Question 7:


Financial Consolidation Close Cloud maintains the status calculation for which combination of dimensions?

A. Scenario, Account, Base Entity, and Parent Entity

B. Year, Scenario, Base Entity, and Account

C. Scenario, View, Parent Entity, and Account

D. Period, Scenario, Base Entity, and Parent Entity


Correct Answer: D

Question 8:


A company would like to capture Fixed Asset additions and disposals within the Movement dimension. Which three tasks are necessary to achieve this goal? (Choose three.)

A. Build a custom Movement member for Fixed Assets with dependent custom members for Additions and Disposals

B. Add custom members for Additions and Disposals as dependents of FCCS_Mvmts_CapitalExpenditures.

C. Load detailed Fixed Asset data to Movement members.

D. Add custom Movement members to the FCCS_CashFlow hierarchy.

E. Create a Roll Forward in the account dimension.


Correct Answer: ABC

Question 9:


How can the Intercompany Dimension be enabled and made visible within your application?

A. after application creation by selecting any Account as IC_Acc_Yes for the Intercompany Account attribute

B. during application creation and selecting the Intercompany Data feature option

C. after application creation by selecting any Account as IC_Acc_Yes for the Intercompany Entity attribute

D. during application creation and selecting the Multi-source Data Input of Other Data


Correct Answer: B

Question 10:


Which is the true behavior of default FCCS_ members within an application?

A. You can change the default FCCS_ member prefix at application creation.

B. You can change the Alias of these default FCCS_ members at any time.

C. You can change the Name of these default FCCS_ members at any time.

D. You cannot change the Alias of these default FCCS_ members.


Correct Answer: C

Question 11:


By default, security access is set to “None” for which three dimensions? (Choose three.)

A. Movement

B. Data Source

C. Account

D. Entity

E. Year


Correct Answer: BCD

Question 12:


Which item describes the use for the Currency dimension property Triangulation Currency?

A. The ability to force translations

B. The ability to report in multiple currencies

C. The ability to calculate foreign exchange rates

D. The ability to calculate CTA (Cumulative Translation Adjustment)

E. The ability to input foreign exchange rates


Correct Answer: C

Question 13:


A new Sheet tab in Excel is copied from an existing tab that contains a Smart View query, but clicking Refresh does not refresh the data, and the Smart View (Point of View) POV bar does not display. Which additional step is required to pull data in the new tab and change the POV?

A. Disconnect from the Smart View connection, and relog in.

B. Activate the Connection.

C. Close out of Excel, and relog into Smart View.

D. Change one of the Row or Column dimension members and click Refresh.


Correct Answer: D

Question 14:


Which three scenarios result in foreign currency translation during the default consolidation process? (Choose three.)

A. A base entity currency has a parent entity with a matching default currency.

B. A base entity currency has a parent entity with a different default currency.

C. A parent entity has the same default currency as its parent.

D. A parent entity has a different currency from its parent.

E. A shared entity has a parent with a different currency.


Correct Answer: BDE

Question 15:


Which four sample ratios can be created during the application creation process? (Choose four.)

A. Inventory Ratios

B. Contribution Margin

C. Debt Ratio

D. Earnings per Share

E. Days Sales in Receivables

F. Gross Margin


Correct Answer: ACEF


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