Updated Lead4Pass 1Z0-1094-22 Dumps Latest Version With 1Z0-1094-22 Free Exam Questions 2023-02-08

Updated Oracle 1Z0-1094-22 Dumps

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Free Share The Most Update 1Z0-1094-22 Dumps Questions Answers 

Question 1:

When was SQL Developer Web released?

A. 2016

B. 2009

C. 2011

D. 2018

E. 2006


Correct Answer: D

Question 2:


Which autonomous database types are available on Oracle Cloud? (Choose three.)

A. Autonomous Relation Database System

B. Autonomous Data Warehouse

C. Autonomous Streams

D. Autonomous Transaction Processing

E. Autonomous JSON Database


Correct Answer: BDE

Question 3:


In order to migrate an active database using RMAN DUPLICATE, what information do you need for the source database? (Choose two.)

A. Location of audit files

B. Listener port

C. Value of the UNDO_RETENTION parameter

D. Database unique name

E. Password for HR schema


Correct Answer: BD

Question 4:


Which entry in a Data Pump parameter file ensures consistent export using Data Pump migration to Autonomous Database?






Correct Answer: D

Question 5:


Which knowledge modules are supported by Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)?


B. All of the options

C. Spark

D. Hive



Correct Answer: B

Question 6:


Which file types can be imported using SQL Developer Web?

A. All of the options

B. Excel


D. CSV Delimited



Correct Answer: A

Question 7:


You have executed the mappings with Change Data Capture ( CDC ) on the source data store and you are now going through the code in the operator log for debugging. Which two tables or views do you need to inspect in the database to see whether the CDC process is writing changed data or not in Oracle Data Integration ( ODI )? (Choose all correct answers)

A. JV$D view

B. J$ table

C. JV$ view

D. JW$ view


Correct Answer: AC

Question 8:


Which port number do all the OCI GoldenGate Microservices environments use for port forwarding through NGINX?

A. 1521

B. 22

C. 1680

D. 443


Correct Answer: D

Question 9:


What can you use to quickly load data into a cloud database by dragging and dropping a file in a web browser?

A. Remote cloning a pluggable database (PDB)

B. RMAN Transportable Tablespace

C. Data Pump Transportable Tablespaces

D. DataLoad tab of the SQL worksheet in Database Actions


Correct Answer: D

Question 10:


When integrating data from multiple sources into a Data Warehouse schema, you want to check a length constraint that you have imposed on one of the target columns before the rows arrive in the target table. All the rows that do not pass this quality check will have to be isolated in error tables. For this, you have chosen an Integration Knowledge Module (IKM) that supports flow control.

You have also chosen the value range for this parameter to enable this check. At compile time, you see that Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) throws an error and the execution cannot start. What is the reason?

A. Primary key was not defined on the target table.

B. The Check Knowledge Module was not set in the physical design.

C. The integration type was not set in the logical design.

D. There were no rows compliant with imposed constraints.


Correct Answer: B

Question 11:


Which developer tool is web-based, function-rich, and resides in a low-code development environment?






Correct Answer: A

Question 12:


What are the TWObenefits of Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) over traditional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) architectures? (Choose all correct answers)

A. ELT architecture reduces the amount of network traffic over traditional ETL tools, which use a dedicated server.

B. ELT architecture can easily become a bottleneck by placing excessive loads on the target servers.

C. ELT architecture does not require dedicated hardware and leverages native data management engines, such as Big Data and RDBMS.

D. Traditional ETL tools use a dedicated server, which provides better performance as it can be sized to any workload.


Correct Answer: AC

Question 13:


Which technologies can you use for Zero Downtime physical migration? (Choose two.) (Choose all correct answers)

A. Data Guard

B. OracleGoldenGate

C. Data Pump



Correct Answer: AD

Question 14:


When migrating an Oracle database, you must be aware of source and target requirements. Which TWO statements are true about using Oracle Zero DowntimeMigration (ZDM)? (Choose all correct answers)

A. Source Oracle Single Instance Databases can be migrated to Oracle RAC Databases with Oracle ZDM-.

B. Oracle ZDM supports cross-edition migration, allowing Standard Edition Databases to be migrated to Enterprise Edition Databases.

C. When migrating with Oracle ZDM and the target database is at a higher patch level than the source database, the data patch utility runs on the target database as a post-migration task.

D. Source Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Databases can be migrated to Single Instance Databases with Oracle ZDM.


Correct Answer: AD

Question 15:


Which type of checks is NOT supported by Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)?

A. conditions

B. keys

C. references

D. mandatory attributes

E. business rule


Correct Answer: E


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